welcome to carole’s corner!

i’ve probably made this blog ten separate times before. i love writing with my whole heart and an avenue such as this one is perfect for getting all my thoughts, opinions, and emotions out in the open.

while this blog is nowhere near a full-fledged site, it’s the perfect sliver of my life. as this place grows, i hope to grow with it.

here’s an explanation of all the categories:

about me: i feel like this one is pretty self-explanatory, but it’s just a little introduction of me.

lit: this section is where i’ll write about all the books i’m reading. i’m in love with stories and books are an amazing pastime. plus, i’m an extremely opinionated person so this section will be great to get all my emotions out.

life: this section will be all about me (but different than the “about me” section). i’ll post rants, updates, and maybe even photos? honestly, this section will need some fine tuning, but that’s the jist of it for now.

fashion: so, like i probably say at the beginning of all the posts in this section, i’m not qualified in any way, shape, or form to critique or talk knowledgeably about fashion or current trends, but if you want a very uninformed view on the current fashion world, then check out that section!

lang: this is my newest section! it’s just a portfolio of my writing (mostly, if not all, poetry). if you’re a company/website, i’d love to work as a freelance writer (go business carole)!

(i’ll add descriptions of other categories as i make them)

i think that about wraps up my plans for this site. by no means is this my final draft, but i hope to make this blog my own personal corner of the internet. i hope you want to stick around to find out more!

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