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my holiday haul

new year, last year’s purchases! today, i thought it would be fun to recount the holiday purchases i made for myself (and a bonus gift i really liked).

this holiday season was the most unique in my entire life. not only did i spend christmas outside with masks, but i tried to support small (or charitable) businesses in my gift-giving this year, an effort i’ve never really considered in the apst. i got my family and friends gifts from etsy, self care is for everyone (they donated $48,660 to mental health orgs in 2020!), and one from a random store in boston. they’re all hyper-personal or i’d include them in my gift list here.

and, although it’s been over two weeks since christmas, i thought my gifts to myself would still be relevant, as they’re clothing purchases that’ll be my first new clothes of 2021! so, without further explanation, here’s my holiday haul!

reformation’s tony dress

photo credit:

so, reformation had another sale. i didn’t have any money to spare during their black friday sale because i had just bought my ticket home and my family’s presents. but, when the holiday sale came around, i went a little crazy (at least for me).

the first item i purchased was the tony dress. in a to-die-for light green color (which you know from my most recent wishlist post is a new favorite clothing color), this dress is the perfect piece to build many outfits off of. while it is more of a spring item, it was too good of a deal to pass up in the middle of winter.

the cap-sleeve detail and square neckline make it ultra flattering on my body type. i’m so excited to wear it when the sun shines a little more in boston.

reformation’s plath top

photo credit:

i’ve been eyeing this top for quite a while (like since last summer a while). the plath top is a quasi-open-back top with an adorable floral print. the ruched bodice adds another soft element.

for this top and the next, i was trying to be as winter-y as possible. since going to college, i’ve been trying to limit my tank top and short sleeve top purchases. while a flowy top like this isn’t necessarily weather-proof, it’s a good first step for this southern california native.

i think that the more simple the outfit for this top, the better. honestly, a pair of jeans and plain sneakers would let this ethereal top stand out and give it the attention it deserves. okay, wow, maybe it’s time to move on if i’m personifying an article of clothing!

reformation’s roy top

photo credit:

this was the last item from the reformation sale and probably the riskiest (for me, at least). the roy top is a stretchy, velvet beauty. because it’s black, it can pretty much go with anything, which makes it a caroline-approved risk (because it’s not really all that hard to pair).

i think this top and a pair of black, straight-leg jeans and some pearl jewelry (that’s coming up) or even on its own with the skirt i’m going to mention next would be fun outfits for this top. i have yet to play with any of these items, as i shipped them all to my apartment, but i think i might be the most excited for this top.

do i want more reformation pieces? maybe. but, i’m glad i stopped here and expanded to some more fun purchases.

unif’s bug skirt

photo credit:

i first saw this skirt on olivia rouyre’s instagram (pictured to the left) and fell in love with it. olivia has quickly become a fashion inspiration for me and i love seeing how she mixes thrifted and new items, like the bug skirt from unif, together.

i know i said the roy top above was risky, but this is definitely a lot more risky. there’s only so many occasions i can wear this skirt, but it can translate in a surprising number of ways. quite literally any basic top, white t-shirt to black long-sleeve, would compliment this piece. and, if i wanted to try to brave the winter months with this on, a good pair of black tights, black docs, and a black coat would look adorable with it.

sccollection’s maya tennis necklace

photo credit:

i found this small business in the comment section of margot lee’s most recent gift guide. i’ve decided that if i can’t shop sustainable, i at least want to shop small/local/POC-owned in 2021. this way, if something is too out of my price range as a college student, i’m at least supporting a real-life person.

created by sofia cuccia (the sc of sccollection), this jewelry brand makes simple pieces, like the maya tennis necklace to the right. in the description, it says it’s inspired by the popular vivienne westwood orb choker. i personally like it even more, because it’s a lot smaller and, therefore, more manageable.

i have pearl earrings from enroute jewelry that i think would look adorable with this necklace.

buggirl200’s twilight movies are awesome shirt

photo credit:

i am… not kidding when i say i purchased this shirt on sight. this was definitely my last impulse purchase of 2020 and i can’t wait to receive it when it ships out on february 15th (i might even make a countdown for it).

sometimes, i just want to make silly purchases and this was definitely one of them. if you look at my twitter, you’ll see how much i love the twilight movie (and book) franchise. i thought this shirt would be fun to wear at school or even in my apartment.

i simply have nothing else to say, but i can’t wait to receive and wear the heck out this t-shirt. the robert pattinson fangirl in me is freaking out right now.

bonus gift: the self-reflection kit from we’re not really strangers

photo credit:

one of my best friends, sonya, recently told me about we’re not really strangers on a facetime call. their flagship card game is marketed as bringing people together. she mentioned how much she wanted the game or the journal pictured to the right.

literally on the call i sent it to her apartment for her christmas present. i loved the thought behind the kit, a journal with prompts that help you reflect and build a relationship with yourself. if she likes it, i might even have to get a set for myself. based on the reviews on the website, i’d say people really love this product.

and, since it’s not necessarily tailored to one person, i wanted to share it with you all in case you’d be interested in it for yourself or a gift for a friend in the upcoming year!

and, with that, we’re finished! i definitely will need to limit my spending until i start working again! i hope you enjoyed this type of post, but, if not, let me know in the comments! i definitely want to be writing what you all are interested in! i hope you have a great rest of your day!

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