how to avoid fast fashion temptation

although it’s only been a couple week since i decided to stop buying fast fashion, it’s been a rollercoaster all from the comfort of my house. i miss spending hours on the urban outfitters website scrolling through their sale section and “collections.” i miss going to different brands’ instagrams to find feed inspiration, but, in order to hold myself to my new pledge, i’ve limited my exposure.

if you’re a recent sustainable fashion convert (second time’s a charm hopefully) like me, you know how hard it is to invest in better pieces when you have a small budget and a lover of trends. but, i’ve been doing a few things to limit my urge to buy fast and thought i’d share them with you all!

media cleanse

almost any time i would buy from a store, i’d subscribe to their mailing list for updates, follow their instagram for inspiration, and bookmark their website for easy access. brands like urban outfitters, princess polly, and free people would expertly market to me (and everyone else) through these different channels to draw in repeat purchases.

and their efforts worked! urban’s latest email telling me to check out summer styles on sale? i would jump at the opportunity to save some money! brandy melville would post a cute picture on their instagram? i was buying the top in that picture.

so, what have i done? well, to start, i went through my bookmarked websites and took out all of the fast fashion sites. if i was unsure about one, i’d check good on you’s directory to see their sustainability rating.

an example of good on you’s rating score

some brands didn’t have any rating, so i just used my good judgment. i checked their “about” sections to see if they gave any information about their production practices, looked at fabrics in the product details, and monitored how fast things sold out on the website (smaller batches of items usually means better environmental practices). doing as much as you can to limit your contribution to fast fashion giants (or growing ones at that) is such a good action to take for this earth.

let me tell you, unsubscribing from my various email promotions was tiring. i clicked the repeat offenders’ emails first. then, i deleted a page from my promotions folder and tried with more sellers. then, i cleared out that folder entirely so it’ll be easier to see more fast fashion sellers to unsubscribe from later.

and, like i mentioned before, i unfollowed the fast fashion accounts on instagram to resist any feed envy.

time to reset

photo credit:

after clearing out different reminders of my unfortunately cute fast fashion brands, i started looking through directories and posts to find new brands to replace my favorites. through some quick browsing, i’ve already found so many new brands i’m excited to try when i start working again. my first stop will definitely be the girlfriend collective because i want to motivate myself to keep working out with cute activewear.

note: sometimes i randomly sign up for affiliate programs on websites to see if they’d actually accept me and girlfriend did? i wrote this blogpost before they emailed me back and that link is an affiliate code now?! seriously so bizarre to me. but, although i’ve never tried it, i’d love to hear what you guys think if you buy from the brand!

in tandem, i added all the new brands to my clothing bookmark folder (which now has more than just clothes) and followed them on instagram to “reset” my feed. i spent time browsing all the different websites to get myself excited about these brands (i feel some wishlists brewing).

and, if i feel a strong desire to shop fast fashion, i’ll scroll through depop, because most of the time i get tired looking through non-studio photos and see the clothes in a new light. and, i find super adorable (and sometimes trendy) vintage pieces to sport instead.

finally, writing posts like this, where i talk about these new brands, will get me excited to shop sustainable! and, if you don’t have a blog, talking about your sustainability efforts on social media and in everyday conversation will start to shift your views and preferences!

research, research, research

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i’ve done research on fast fashion many times in the past. but, like any social and environmental issue, there’s always room for more education. in efforts to push myself farther from fast fashion, i’ve pursued sustainablity-focused websites for articles and blogposts to find different books and movies to further my education.

note: on remake’s website they advertised how to break up with fast fashion by lauren bravo for their book club pick. but, when i went to buy the book, it lead me to amazon! i tried to find it on other websites (i’m especially trying to buy black-owned whenever i can), but i can’t find it anywhere! if you know a less corporation-y websites this book is sold on, please let me know!

i’ve written on this fast fashion in the past, so i’ve linked some articles i used to complete various projects that you can read for my information should you want to learn more!

my previously read articles (so many, sorry not sorry):

repurposing your wardrobe

once i decided i wanted to have a sustainable wardrobe, i had to reassess my current closet. i had less than ten articles of clothing from “sustainable brands” (five being the same mask from reformation). and, while I have a decent amount of clothes, i barely wore so many different pieces. so, i listed a little over ten items on depop (all fast fashion i might add). through this summer, i’ll be continuing to do so, especially when i start wearing normal clothes again.

and, for clothes i don’t really wear, but couldn’t realistically resell (or donate), i decided to repurpose. my old graduation dress became a two-piece set. a pair of mid-calf pajama pants became boxer shorts, a tube top, and face mask. my hand sewing is shoddy, so my new creations will have to fight to survive the wash. however, the quality of my sewing work is shooting up with every new repurposing mission.

and, while i still have a majorly fast-fashion-centric wardrobe, the pieces i’m keeping are ones that i genuinely wear often. as soon as i really outgrow a piece, it’ll go on my depop and be replaced by a more sustainable article.

i hope these tips are helpful to you! if you have any tips for me, comment them down below! i can’t wait to keep making my wardrobe more and more sustainable!

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